Tuesday, January 09, 2007

WeekDAY Awesomeness: Can't Hardly Wait Edition (aka Blowing My Load)

Dammit. I've been trying to hold this one in to make it a true installment of Weekend Awesomeness, but like a 15 year-old losing his V-card, I don't think I can hold this one back. So, we're bursting at the seams, bringing it to you prematurely today.

Remember Aleksey Vayner? The Yale Senior who listed all sorts of improbably accomplishments in his resume, only to have it capped by a link to a video "interviewing" him about how he was a superior specimen of the human race? Well Michael Cera, the 17 year-old Canadian actor who played George Michael on Arrested Development, has produced his own homage to Mr. Vayner.

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