Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Fuck it.

Darkness? You're getting bumped. When your founder/lead singer/front man quits the band, you exit the top 3. This is a list reserved for current, active bands, and there's no room for flakiness. Only the strong survive, my friends. The Most Awesomest Live Band list now stands as follows:

1) Pearl Jam
2) Drive-by Truckers
3) My Morning Jacket
4) The Darkness

I have to say that, personally, Monday night's show was just slightly better than last night's, but only because of the setlist. I thought the band might have blown their load(s) a little early by coming out big with "One Big Holiday," though it was pretty killer when the curtain dropped on cue during the opening guitar solo. On second thought, I don't know what I'm talking about. Those first 30 seconds were unbelievably awesome, and I think I've officially converted Rocky into a diehard fan. Earlier in the evening, we'd been discussing Built to Spill's stage presence (or lack thereof); ten minutes into last night's show, as Jim James pinballed around the stage, Rocky leans to a friend and said, "now that's what I call stage presence."

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