Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Where Wizards Dare

... Eddie looked into Gilbert's deep brown eyes, searching for even the slightest hint of forgiveness. But instead of finding what he most yearned for, Eddie's heart broke as he was met with a cold, emotionless stare. There would be no more intimate dinners, lit by the soft light of a single candle. Nor would there be any more horseback rides through Rock Creek Park. Those beautiful afternoons and evenings the two spent together that summer were gone, never to return again, and Eddie would forever yearn for even one more hour, where the two of them might spend the morning sprawled out on one of Gilbert's many Afghan blankets in Logan Circle.

"Please, Gil." Eddie implored, tears welling up in his eyes, knowing deep down that his pleas would go unanswered. "Don't go making the biggest mistake of your life. You know this feels right."

"Wrong Eddie," Gilbert replied with detachment. "It felt right."

Eddie reached out for Gilbert's hand, but could only grasp at air as his fingertips touched Gilbert's flowing, golden jersey. The man they call Agent Zero turned his back on Jordan for one last time, and taking a deep breath, stepped back onto the court. Caron, Antawn and Brendan were waiting for him.

-An excerpt from the forthcoming novel from Danielle Steel, The Secret Lives of Wizards

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