Friday, February 23, 2007

Weekend Awesomeness: Politically Correct Edition

It's Friday, so you know what that means.

No, not endless web searching and obscene levels of procrastination...

Well actually, yes. That is usually what happens on Fridays at the Styched offices. But sometimes we have something to show for our lack of productivity. We typically like to call it "Weekend Awesomeness" (i.e. lazily inserting a YouTube clip that makes at least 1/2 of the Styched partnership giggle incessantly at his desk for the rest of the day).

This week saw the passage of one of college sports' greatest (?) traditions: the retirement of University of Illinois "mascot" Chief Illiniwek. Christ. If a drunk, middle-class white guy can't throw on some animal hides, paint his face, and hop around in front of a crowd of equally drunk, equally middle-class, and equally white sports fans, well then, my friends, the terrorists have already won.

So, in honor of Chief Illiniwek and all Illini fans out there, we dedicate this edition of Weekend Awesomeness to you. Let me take you back to a time of innocence, long before 9/11, a time before the commie pinko PC police took over America, a time before we'd surrendered our consumer-centric lives to al-Qaeda, a time where a terrifically mustachioed Dane could watch a few spaghetti westerns, discern hundreds of years of an entire indigenous culture's lifestyle, and then set that routine to a wonderfully danceable disco beat.

Who knew Tommy Seebach was such an avid amateur anthropologist? And who knew I was so good at alliteration?

Nobody. That's who.

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