Friday, November 03, 2006

Pre-Borat: Quivering with Anticipation

This is part one of a two-part segment. Duke Frankencow is your author for Part One, and Rocky Racoon will be your author for the follow-up.

Since Rocky and I are our own bosses, we can adjust our schedules to conform to cultural events here in Washington. The Million Man March was just such an event, as were the inaugurations of President Bush. Earlier this year when thousands of immigrants marched on the Mall to gain rights as guest workers and to further their efforts in becoming naturalized citizens, Rocky and I closed down the Styched offices to bear witness. And today, another of those events is taking place, the kind of event that defines a generation. Rocky and I will be putting our computers on "sleep" mode, turning the lights off, and locking the doors behind us for two hours. Why, you might ask? To paraphrase David Byrne, "The answer is obvious. [Borat] has come to town."

That's right. Sometime around noon today, in a dark movie theater somewhere in downtown Washington, Rocky Raccoon and yours truly will be experiencing - what we anticipate will be - comedic brilliance: the first public showing of Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan. Male nudity, rampant anti-semitism, a grizzled Pamela Anderson-Rock, and ignorant Americans - does it get any better? Sure, there's been a bit of over-exposure for Borat. When I was returning from lunch one day last week and found the Kazakh reporter being interviewed on CNN, I suspected that the joke might be getting old before it had even been told to most of America. But, in the words of my 7th grade English teacher, that's neither here nor there. I have a feeling that after the whirl-wind of promotion surrounding this film's release dies down, we'll never see or hear from Mr. Sagdiyev again. So my advice is to cram in as many laughs as possible while you can.



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