Friday, October 13, 2006

Bittersweet Nothings

So, the last few days have been a roller coaster for Rocky and me. First, we cried a little when we discovered we'd BOTH be out of town for the Hold Steady's show at the Cat the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Damn you, guilt and your accompanying family obligations! Then, we died a little when Pitchfork broke the news to us that Justin Hawkins was quitting our favorite not-so-guilty pleasure because of a silly little cocaine addiction. Huh? Wha? It's hurtful when your role models trip and fall from their pedestals. Whoddathunk that the catsuit-wearing front man for a throwback heavy metal hair band with a thing for Queen would be a dabbler in Schedule I narcotics? Now I know how all of those 9 year-old Kobe fans felt.

Our spirits were lifted a bit when we celebrated our "you are a moron" milestone, but then we realized that alcohol was a depressant, so we became sad again. Rocky took it especially hard, consuming a whole bag of Snyder's hard pretzels while curled up in front of a Lifetime TV special. But for every low, there's another high. On my way into work this morning, I finally made up my mind that, yes, Beck's new album is very good, and "Strange Apparition" is the type of song that was written for the iPod, just so every working stiff like the Duke here could have a badass soundtrack to strut down the street to, ala Travolta, byatch! When I high-fived the homeless man outside my office as I walked by, he could tell I had something good flowing out of my headphones, and the "right on, brutha" just reinforced my suspicion.

As if Fortuna was looking out for us, making up for our inability to attend the Hold Steady's gig, the Ticketmaster gods decided to hand both Rocky and me two floor tickets EACH for the D's upcoming Patriot Center show via their Thursday presale (password: "DESTINY" - this was no coincidence). YAHTZEE! This made us happy again.

Oh yeah, and Cassette Stories' "Talking Wolf Rakims" track posted on Idolator is HAWTT! Though, I'm pretty sure you could sample the lyrics of "In the Ghetto" with Nick Drake's "Pink Moon" and it would be crazy-cool. A very special thanks goes out to the lovely Maura for bringing it to our attention. Well done, Cassette Stories! I'm departing from the cynicism of the blogosphere for just a moment, but I'm always so impressed with how many talented people there are out there. The fact that some dude or dudette can just whip out that little bit of AWESOMENESS in a few hours is awe inspiring.

Whew. Glad I got that out of my system...


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