Thursday, October 12, 2006


Rocky and I have been getting wasted in celebration of our first ever comment on this humble blog. We pawned the Casio keyboard and bought some Moet, muthafuckah! "Anonymous" set a wonderful, blog-worthy precedent by stating, simply, "you are a moron" in response to our ubiased critique of how (or is it why?) The National sucks. A well thought-out argument, indeed, but we both agreed that we needed some clarification: is it the Duke that is a moron, or Rocky? The posting itself was written by the Duke, but the lease for the Styched offices is under both of our names. Clearly it's not a collective "you," otherwise the comment would have read: "you are morons." Regardless, we were pleased with its simple, straight-forward nature, and we look forward to more like-minded commentary on Styched!


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