Wednesday, October 04, 2006

La Naissance d'un Blog

Excerpts from a Gmail chat

Rocky: this is an exciting day
Duke: how so?
Rocky: in a very exciting way
Duke: yep
Rocky: uhhhhh huh
lets start a blog
Duke: Sure
I just had a craving for Lucky Charms walking back from the copier
just the marshmallows though
Rocky: well obviously, they're the best part
Duke: The only reason to buy the fucking box, goddammit
cursing can be a big part of our blog
Rocky: ic an fucking curse
Duke: I don't know what that means, but is already taken
Rocky: what a terrible blog
Duke: Yeah... those guys suck.
Rocky: we could starta pretty damn good music and movie blog
Duke: We could start a Westside Story-type of feud with them
...or start a music movie blog
Rocky: whats holding us back?
Duke: Fear of ridicule
Rocky: anyway, we should start a blog
Duke: I have this sinking suspicion that this is exactly what it sounded like when Jack Black proposed the idea of a band to Kyle Gass


Anonymous Autopsy IV said...

Hey! My blog is based on cursing....get your own gimmick!

good luck done got a spot on're kicking my ass.

6:34 PM  

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